Business Opportunities

Joining Bug Zoo as a Wholesale Partner is a simple process where all applicants
will receive a response to an application within 48 hours.

Bug Zoo offers the following options:

a) Agent

Option 1: Individual Agent.

An individual agent often works from home and purchases stock at
wholesale price and retails at a recommended selling price.

Option 2 : Wholesale & Distribution Agent.

An individual or entity that represents Bug Zoo by selling in bulk to a range
of customers.

b) Stores

Bug Zoo products are sold to local stores based in other countries.

c) Franchise

Bug Zoo is interested in expanding itís store concept. Should you be
interested in owning your own store or stores we would be happy to
speak to you.

How to join as a Wholesale Partner

1. Send an email inquiry to and an application form
will be sent to you
2. Once the application has been received the applicant
will be notified within 48hrs. of the outcome of the application.